The Interviews

Harry Tanfield – Winning

There is a romantic notion of winning in sport (or business) as being the athlete on their own relying purely on their own skill, strength and expertise,  as you will see, it’s anything but!

Some one recently quoted a saying to me (that he told me has African origin),  its simply this;

‘If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together’




Katie Toft – Not What You See,

Katie is a Para Cyclist and multiple World Champion both as a road racer and on track, she is also a qualified teacher and holds a BA Degree and Masters Degree.

However appearances are deceptive as Katie demonstrates.



Dan Bigham – Mindset

Dan is an engineer, he used to work in Formula 1 however today he’s a Pursuit Cyclist. His mindset shapes how the team works and the meticulous approach they adopt to  everything they do, from analysis, to competition, to innovation and to winning.

If you are looking to redefine a problem all you need is here.



John Archibald – Change and Evolution

In this interview John talks about change and evolution and his journey from being a swimmer through to being part of a world championship Pursuit Cycling Team.  It was  not initially a planned move,  however from riding his bike to work his approach to change made it happen.



Jenny Gunn MBE – a Conversation Starting with Cricket

Jenny Gunn MBE is a member of the England Women’s Cricket Team, over her 14 years of playing for England she has been there as Women’s cricket has moved in to the mainstream. In addition to being part of the England World Cup winning team in 2017, Jenny has undertaken considerable charity work with youngsters in schools making them aware of the many opportunities sport can offer them, this gives her a unique perspective.



Jess Turner – The Opportunity

Jess Turner is a 400m hurdler, in 2017 she found herself on the world stage for the first time when she was selected to take part in the World Championships in London. For Jess this was a huge opportunity, however it meant she had to make the transition from Juniors to Senior GB Team at a World Championships that was also a ‘Home Games’ .



Daniella Brown MBE – Perceptions of Disability

In this video Danielle discusses how in her experience disability is perceived by others and some of the strategies and facilities to change perceptions, she also talks about the advice and support available for disabled entrepreneurs.



Danielle Brown MBE – Living with a Chronic Condition

Danielle Brown is a Paralympic double gold medallist, she’s a multiple world champion and has been part of the able bodied team at the commonwealth games, she also suffers from a chronic condition and is in constant pain. In this video she discusses her success in sport in the context of a chronic condition and how this shapes what she does and her outlook on life.



Steve Judge –  Recovery

Steve is a Para Triathlete Word Champion, following a serious car accident and a long recovery he has become a world champion. In these interviews we focus on 2 subjects, firstly his recovery that took 3 years, in this he offers his insights for people facing change following a catastrophic event.



Steve Judge – Change and Goals

In the second interview he looks further into goals and goal setting as part of personal self development and change.


Elissa Bradford – Confidence and Self Belief

Elisa is a BMX rider who has competed at world championship level for her age group and is part of the Olympic Program for Tokyo 2020. The original idea behind the interview was to ask about body confidence knowing it is an issue for many in her generation and was the theme in the original 3 interviews,  you can see how she dealt with this and the new direction the interview took.


Malc Cawton, being an Elite Athlete in one’s 70s

Malc is a remarkable athlete, being an Elite Athlete is usually associated with youth, in this interview talks about what’s involved both physically and mentally to be an Elite Athlete in ones 70s.


Amber Hill – Olympian

Amber Hill is an Olympian, she talks to Emily Bendell of Bluebella about her journey to become an Olympian and the influence of her Grandfather upon her career. This is part of the BestrongBeBeautiful Campaign about body shape and body image that challenges stereotypes and their impact on young women.


Stef Reid – Paralympian

Paralympian Stef Reid talks to Emily Bendell of Bluebella about her journey, from a boating accident to sucessfully competing as a paralympian. This is just as she about to head to the Rio Games. This is part of the BestrongBeBeautiful Campaign about body shape and body image that challenges stereotypes and their impact on young women.


Byrony Shaw – Olympian

Byrony is an Olympic Athlete,  this is her interview for the BestrongBeBeautiful campaign promoting body confidence in young women.  She talks about her first experience as a wind surfer and how this has brought her to the Olympics on a number of occasions.


The views and opinions expressed by the athletes are their own and should not be considered as either medical or professional advice of any kind, and should not be treated as a subsitute for either medical or professional assistance, if needed this should be sought from an appropriatly qualified person or persons.