The Benefits of Taking Part

The interviews provide readymade PR material for those taking part.

Still images and video are ideal for an athlete’s PR and marketing purposes, and also for agents and  sponsors looking for new images. Afterall taking part is a PR story in itself!

If an athlete is in the early stages of producing a website these form an ideal starting point for their non competitive imagery .

For a young athlete who has not spent time working with the media it is an opportunity to  spend time in front of the camera,  in a safe  non journalistic non pressure environment.  It also good media training using a typical PR interview process with mostly known questions and approval of the final result.

For an experienced athlete who wants to share their knowledge and reach an audience it’s an ideal opportunity to present themselves as an individual as well as in their sporting context.

If you would like to take part and have represented your country at World Championship level (in your age group, junior or senior) or are a past or present Olympian or Paralympian (or on a programme that will take you to your first Olympics or Paralympics), please get in touch using e-mail or the contact form.